Happy Birthday, Fido/Felix!

Our pets have it hard sometimes. They just don’t get the opportunities we humans do to party it up. While some pet owners make an effort to include their pets in regular holiday celebrations, most of the time they’re left out of the festivities. But it doesn’t need to be this way!
Your pet’s birthday is the perfect opportunity to let them know that for one day, at least, they can be the center of attention. And if you don’t know your pet’s exact birthday, improvise! Take your best guess and stick to it. Here are some party ideas for when that special date rolls around:

  • Take a drive in the country for a change of pace. Make a picnic out of it and pack along your pet’s favorite foods and treats and toys.
  • Schedule some time when your friend’s pets can come over and play together with the birthday gal/guy.
  • What’s a birthday party without gifts? Toys are always good, but remember to give the one thing that no pet fails to appreciate: your attention. Let them know that they’re appreciated by spending time with them.

Some would say that a trip to the pet beautician for a trim, nail clipping, etc, would be a great gift for a pet, but it’s best to judge on a case by case basis. If your pet fidgets and squirms all the while, can they really be having a good time? Some pets like a trip to the beauty parlor, though, so it helps if you know your pet’s personality before deciding on a birthday gift.