June 5th is World Environment Day

The first World Environment Day occurred in 1973 and was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme. Celebrated yearly on June 5th, World Environment Day is sort of a partner to Earth Day in that it urges environmental awareness and action. Each year, the event is hosted by a different country with a different theme. This year’s event is taking place in Mongolia and the theme is “Think.Eat.Save.” That’s right, no spaces between the words – we’re saving on space, too 🙂
This year’s theme involves looking at what and how we eat and then taking steps to insure that we waste as little as possible while still eating a healthy diet. Our pets can be a part of this, too. A good portion of your pet’s health is dependent not only on what they eat, but also how much of it they eat. The practice of “free feeding” can not only adversely affect your pet’s health by making them overweight, but it’s a waste of food as well.
In keeping with the theme of this year’s WED, take a look at your pet’s diet and see if there are any ways you can cut out waste or use what you have more efficiently. One way you might be able to do this is to consider homemade pet foods. It’s a path to healthier pets, and when you have to make it yourself, the amount you waste is naturally minimized.