Heat and Cars

Although still in Spring temperatures are continuing to rise, perhaps getting us ready for summer. With hotter temperatures upon us we need to be aware of how hot a car can get when we take our four legged friends on a car ride.
Here’s how hot the inside of a car can get:

  • Outside temperature 82 degrees —> 109 degrees
  • Outside temperature 87 degrees —> 115 degrees
  • Outside temperate 100 degrees —> 117 degrees

Here’s some tips for hot summer days:

  • Leave your pet at home on hot summer days.
  • If including the pet on a car ride be sure to bring plenty of water.
  • Bring your pet only when a passenger is able to stay in the vehicle with the air conditioner on while you complete your errands.

Here’s a great infographic to pass along to all your pet lover friends!