Heroic Cats

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Dogs have a reputation for saving their humans, but did you know that cats can act heroically as well? Here are just a few examples of some cats who stepped up to the plate in tough situations:
First, there’s Tara, the cat who recently took on a dog that attacked a little boy on Tuesday, prompting media discussion of animal behaviors and motivations.
Then, there’s Jessi-cat, who provides therapy and unconditional love to Lorcan Dillon, who suffers from Selective Mutism. The condition makes it difficult for Lorcan to express himself, but the cat has provided friendship and irreplaceable companionship.
Scarlett the cat suffered severe burns and blisters while rescuing her kittens from a house fire one by one. Scarlett and her kittens were later adopted and Scarlett made a full recovery except for some eyelid and ear damage.
There’s a lot more! Check out the link below.