Nails At Home

Nail care is an important part of a grooming routine for a dog. Nails that are too long tend to break and can lead to an aching back. Sometimes this task can seem rather daunting and most pet owners leave the nail trimming to groomers or to the vet, but with these tips you might want to start trying it at home:

  • Select the right equipment: guillotine style, scissor style, or pliers style.
  • Keep a clotting powder on hand if your pet starts to bleed from cutting too close.
  • Learn where the quick is on your pets toenail. The quick is the part of the toenail that provides blood supply to the nail. This is what we want to avoid.
  • Check out this site for detailed information and pictures for cutting the nails.

Good luck and with some more research and practice you’re bound to be a pro!