Keeping Your Pets Hydrated

During the dog days of Summer, it’s important to keep all of our pets well hydrated, and not just the dogs! Making a source of fresh water available to them is a necessity, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep this water fresh and to convince our pets that they need to drink often while under that hot sun.
That’s why many veterinarians recommend pet fountains. The running water is a way to attract the attention of your pets and it also helps to keep the water fresh. Ever wonder why a cat will jump up into the kitchen sink to drink from a leaky faucet when he/she has plenty of water available in their bowl? Because they know the running water from the faucet is fresher. With a pet fountain around the house, those occurrences of cat-in-sink way well be a thing of the past.
Just try googling “pet fountain” and you’ll see how many varieties are available. They even make versions that chill the water for your pets if you’re willing to pay a little more. Make sure that your pets a getting all the water they need this summer by investing in a pet fountain.