Leash Choice and Etiquette for Your Dog

dog on leash
If you own a willful and/or large breed dog, then you probably know how it feels to be pulled and dragged around by the leash – the leash that’s supposed to be controlling your dog, not vice versa. It can be a difficult proposition to control dogs like this while out on walks, but there are options when it comes to leash choice to help you stay in control.
A regular four or six foot leash is an absolute necessity when walking with your dog through public places, but not always enough to keep really excitable dogs in line. What you may be looking for are commonly called “no-pull” dog harnesses or even a head halter for the true hard cases.
A no-pull harness is designed to gently guide your dog back toward you when he or she tries to pull off to the side. It fits around the upper body and neck of your dog. Head halters, on the other hand, fit around the head and snout of your dog. They will tighten and turn your dog’s head downward and toward you when they try to pull away.
Having the right collar, leash, and/or harness for your dog is important, but with some additional training, your walks in the park could be… well, a walk in the park! Teaching a dog proper leash etiquette isn’t an easy task, but it can really pay off in the long run. This isn’t something you need a trainer for, although they can certainly help. Working with your dog one-on-one to teach them leash etiquette can often increase the strength of the bond between the two of you.
More on this tomorrow…