Most Popular Halloween Pet Costumes

It’s never too early to plan your pet’s Halloween costume. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  1. Pumpkin- What dog wouldn’t look adorable in a pumpkin outfit? Check out the many variations of a pumpkin dog suit.
  2. Witch- A good witch of course.
  3. Princess- Maybe Princess Leia from Star Wars?
  4. Angel- Perhaps an Angel Cupid?
  5. Pirate- Perhaps one of the cutest dog costumes. You must Google this one.
  6. Hot Dog- Maybe for a Dachshund?
  7. Bat- This one seems super easy. Here’s another tutorial.
  8. Black Cat- For a dog of course, unless you already have a black cat.
  9. Clown- For those who don’t have a common fear of clowns, this might be a great idea!
  10. Spider Dog- Try this DIY Spider Dog costume.

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