Naming Your New Friend

Goofy girl
Alexander Xavier Washington III. Has a pretty distinctive ring, doesn’t it? While we don’t know any pets with this name, it’s certainly a possibility. It’s all about the personalities of pet and owner coming together to create a moniker that will last a lifetime.
Some people don’t like the idea of their pets having “human” sounding names like Edward or Max, and that’s fine. There are plenty of “pet” names floating around like Socks or Whiskers or Simba. You might want to observe your new pet for at least a few days before you give them their name. Some of their activities could provide useful ideas. After all, the pooch named “Rascal” or the kitten called “Scratch” says it all.
Appearance is also a great breeding ground for pet names. Who hasn’t met or at least heard of a long-eared dog named Snoopy or a cat with a stubby tail named Bob? Let your imagination take hold and get creative. Not every dog has to be named Fido.

Whatever name your pets ends up with, it (or a nickname) probably needs to be short enough to be used easily when you call them. And try not to use their name when they’ve done something wrong and you feel the need to chastise them. They may come to associate the sound of their name with an angry master, and that won’t make for a good relationship.