Summer is Here!

And pets love it just as much as we do. We’re sure that walks in the park, runs around in the great, wide, open, and general good spirits all around are what many cooped up dogs and cats look forward to. And who can blame them? Be sure to take advantage of all the great, warm outdoors can offer at this wonderful time of year.
Dogs love to get out and see what the neighbors and all their dog friends are up to, but they can be horrible at judging their own limits. That’s what you’re around for. Many dogs, especially the elderly just can’t take the activity and full heat of the day for very long, so be sure to take breaks every now and then to keep them full of vigor. Keep in mind that the faster and shallower your dog is panting is an indication of how exerted and hot he/she is. If you hear them really going at it, then it’s time to find a shady spot and maybe a drink of water.
Something many people overlook because we don’t generally walk around barefooted is that hot sidewalks and pavement can be very uncomfortable of even damaging to a dog’s foot pads. If you’re going to out and about for a while, see if you can find some grass for your dog to walk on and don’t confine them to the pavement for the whole excursion. They like the nice, cool grass just as much as we do.