October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, Part 2

As you may know, October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Adopting a shelter or rescue dog into your home can be a very beneficial experience, but also requires a great deal of preparation and work (read more here). If you want to adopt, but now is just not the time– for example, if you’re financially unstable or live in a non pet-friendly home– there are plenty of other ways to show your support. For example:
1. Raise awareness for shelters on social media. A Facebook status or a tweet will do it!
2. Become a volunteer for a local shelter, and let others know of opportunities to do the same!
3. Share an adoptable pet on your facebook feed or blog, in hopes that someone else will snatch him up!
4. Talk to your kids, nieces or nephews, grandchildren about the importance of pet adoption.
5. Donate to a shelter or animal-related charity in support of Adopt a Rescue Dog month.