Pet Art – Something a Little Different

When most people think of pet art or artists, they will usually mention pet portraits or photography. These are great ways to immortalize your pet’s image and we’ve taken advantage of them ourselves, but that’s not all there is out there in the world of pet art.
Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade art of all varieties. If you look hard enough, you can find some unique and beautiful art made just for your pet. Take a look at some of these listings on their Pet Art team page for just a sampling of what’s out there. You’ll find custom carved and etched id tags, pet-themed greeting cards, custom made catnip toys, and much more.
Also on the Etsy front is artist Alana McCarthy with her own web store, GeekyPet. Alana is a talented artist who draws pets with a very geeky slant. Superhero pets, Jedi bulldogs, ninja cats – it’s all here to delight your geeky, pet-loving heart.
Last, but certainly not least is Tim Racer, a man with a talent for bringing pets alive in 3D carvings and paint. Tim sculpts and paints carousel dogs for a living, and he is very good at what he does. Just take a look at some of his work and drool. Tim works on commission, but don’t ask us about prices – he says on his website that most pieces take him around 500 hours to complete, so you can imagine the price tag attached to that.