Beating the Heat

Rose - Baby Sitter and Nurse Maid
Summer is almost here and with it come the triple digit temperatures that threaten to drive us all to the nearest swimming pool. While we have air conditioners and iced tea to keep us comfortable, many pets, especially the outdoor ones, are at risk for heatstroke if things get too hot to handle.
Here are some quick tips to keep things cool for your pet:

  • Don’t take your pet with you in the car and then leave them cooped up while you run errands. This is probably the number one cause of heat exhaustion in pets. Just leave them at home, do your stuff, and then return to your pet with a big hug.
  • Insure that they have an adequate source of cool water for drinking. If you’re taking the dog for a walk on a hot day, this might mean bringing along a collapsible bowl and a bottle of drinking water with you when Fido needs a breather.
  • Outdoor pets need shelter from the sun. Whether this is a nice, shady tree to lie under or a dog house, etc. doesn’t really matter. As long as they have some place to get away from the heat of the sun, they’ll be in good shape.

Remember that dogs and cats don’t sweat like we do when we need to cool off – they pant. So if you see or hear your pet panting excessively, or if they have that vacant, anxious stare when it gets hot, then take action immediately. Get them out of the heat and cool them down with some wet towels. And if your pet does end up suffering from heat exhaustion, get them to the vet after you’ve cooled them off – better safe than sorry.

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