Pet Holiday Wishlist

Photo credit goes to Asher Isbrucker at
Photo credit goes to Asher Isbrucker at

What’s on your pet’s holiday wish list? Is it a pet-safe treat? Is it a hard to solve treat-producing puzzle? Whatever it is, make sure that you are taking into account Fido’s safety. The following things are good tips to follow when considering that new toy:
• Is the toy appropriate to your pet’s size?
• Does the toy present a potential choking hazard?
• Is the toy plush? Those are meant for children – not animals.
• Rawhide is not always a great treat for dogs. Should they ingest parts of it in large quantities, it can tear through your dog’s intestinal wall and cause a bowel blockage.
Things that might be more appropriate would be rubber toys like the Kong toys, flavored Nylabones that are similar to rawhides but won’t splinter and those interactive treat toys that will keep your furry friend’s mind going until he gets what he’s looking for.
If you’re feeing generous, you can also consider giving to your local shelter. Our not-yet-adopted friends could use a new toy, blanket or a new bed this holiday season. Just call and ask what might be on their list this year. Happy Holidays!