Pet Ownership: The Pros and Cons

Ginger and Sweetie
Now we all know that there really are no cons to pet ownership – it’s all just a grand adventure! But has anyone truly sat down and figured out what owning a pet really costs us? Well, yes, they have. The people over at Visual Economics have pieced together some average costs based on the type and size of pet you have. So if you’ve ever been curious, take a look.
After taking a look at some of the figures, you may be thinking about what that $7,800 for Rico the dog has actually bought you. Or how about $52,000 (!) for that pet cockatoo you just had to have?
All of us pet owners are probably already aware of the benefits our little friends bring to our lives (the bang for the buck!), but here’s just a few for the uninitiated:

  • Pet owners generally stay more active than people without any pets around. This leads to all sorts of other health benefits, too. Staying active promotes general fitness and improves our outlook on life – and we can share it all with those around us, too!
  • Owning pets helps provide a sense of purpose. It helps us to feel needed and appreciated when we care for a dog or a cat or even a school of fish in a tank. Pets can keep us involved and invested in the day to day aspects of living.
  • People with pets are generally happier an less susceptible to depression than those without pets. A treasured animal companion can usually find a way to bring a smile to out lips when they realize that we’re down in the dumps.

So maybe Tabasco, the mischievous family cat, cost you $7,600 over the course of his life? From our point of view, that’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of smiles and friendship.