Pets on Social Media

I’m sure many of our followers who have any type of social media account, especially Facebook, have noticed a furry friend inhabiting their friend list. In 2012 Facebook claimed to have 1 billion members, however only 889.3 million of those members were those with only two legs (humans) (Picchi, 2013.)
In the United Kingdom roughly 1 in 10 pets has a Facebook account, there are currently no figures about pets in the United States. Here are some popular pets in the social media world:

  1. Boo the “World’s Cutest” Dog- This pup was well over 8 million Facebook likes and over 100 thousand Instagram followers.
  2. Sockington the Cat- This cool cat has over 1 million Twitter followers.
  3. Tardar Sauce- This other cool cat dubbed “grumpy” utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and a YouTube channel.

In recent years Facebook has attempted to crack down on fake profiles including pet profiles, but many, many pet profiles have withstood the cut and are still making their social media presence known.