Running with your Dog

WP 7.23.15

Dogs can be great running partners, as they can keep us motivated, protected, and accompanied. However, it’s good to make sure your dog is up to the physical challenge of running with you. Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe before and during a run:

  • Ask your vet. Just as you need medical clearance from your doctor for strenuous physical activity, so does your dog.
  • Keep your dog’s age in mind. A high energy puppy might seem primed for running due to his high energy levels. However, a puppy’s bones are still forming so you should check with your pet regarding the distance and frequency he can run with you.
  • Keep your dog leashed. Though you may have command over your dog, other runners may not be comfortable with free-roaming dogs at their heels. Not to mention, other dogs may not be as well-trained as yours.
  • Ease into it. Just as we don’t go from couch potato to marathon runner, nor will your dog. Take it a little bit at a time to build endurance.

For more tips, check out the link below.