Signs of Depression in Your Dog

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You know your dog better than anyone. Therefore, if there is a sudden change in your dog’s typical behavior, you should be the first to notice it. Things like inactivity, listlessness, overeating, under-eating, urination or defecation indoors, restlessness and withdrawal should be things that pique your concern quickly.
Before diagnosing your dog with depression, make sure you take him to a veterinarian for a workup. There may be a medical reason or simply something like old age that is causing your dog to behave in a different manner.
There are several things that can contribute to a pet’s depression. Have you brought home a new member of the family? Has a major member of the family left the household? Have you given him an extreme haircut that he was not accustomed to or have you moved around all the furniture? An environment change can contribute as well. If you have moved and your pet has not had time to adjust, he can have a hard time with the change. Is it a dark winter? If your pet is used to long walks and sunshine that isn’t happening now because of the cold and snow, that could be a large contributing factor as well.
Your pet also catches onto your moods, so if you have a case of the blues that you haven’t addressed, he could easily be picking up on that and feeling sad himself. Before investigating options like medication, spend some more time with your pet. If he seems to have lost his appetite, give him a treat like some wet food he doesn’t get very often. Take him for a long walk before the weather gets bad. A little attention can go a long way with your four legged friends. Give them a chance to snap out of it with some love from you.

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