Sporting Season for Dogs

Did you know that dogs could be sports champions, too? Michael Jordan and Joe Montana are probably better known to most people, but to some pet lovers, Fido has also been allotted his fifteen minutes in the spotlight as well. There are many sports and competitions arranged for dogs these days, and whether you like to participate, watch, or are just curious about some of them, there’s something for everyone.
Many dogs bred for sport, like hunting, don’t really have the opportunity to put their natural inclinations into practice these days. Thus, dog sporting events were conceived. Breeds of Retrievers, Spaniels, and Pointers are very adept at all manner of active sports, and it’s a joy to watch them do what they were bred to do.
For example, rather than using a live animal for a round of hare coursing (i.e., chasing a rabbit), a toy or lure is often employed instead. Dogs compete under race-like conditions for the right to take home the trophy, which for their owners might be an actual trophy, but for the dog is hopefully a fat, juicy steak!
There are many other kinds of sports designed for canines, such as jumping competitions, disc throwing, obstacle courses, and even herding. If you’re at all interested in seeing some wonderful specimens of the canine world strut their stuff, then get involved in some dog sporting events and join in the fun!

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