Summer Heat Hazards

Recently we created a post about dogs and car rides and car temperatures in general throughout the summer. There are more hazards throughout the summer for pets and here’s a few of them:

  1. Heat- Altering your dog’s walking schedule throughout the summer is a wise choice because of the s summer’s heat. Try taking your pooch out for an early morning or evening stroll in order to avoid the sun’s hottest rays.
  2. Pests- All sorts of pests come out of the woodwork for summer including bees and any critter that could be dug up. Dogs are extremely susceptible to stings and bites because of their curious nature. It is important to keep your yard well groomed and to keep a watchful eye on your pet.
  3. Sun- Dogs get sunburns too, but not all veterinarians are in agreement about the use of sunscreen. Sunscreen specifically made for dogs may be useful if it in an area where they are not likely to lick it off.
  4. Food- Summer means BBQs and BBQs are a time when dogs are thrown whatever scrap is left from the grill. Lean meats are okay for the pet, but nothing fatty and certainly nothing that would cause an obstruction in their throat.
  5. Pools- Some dogs are excellent swimmers, while some don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into once they’re in that pool. Pool alarms, pool gates, and pool ramps designed for dogs are great for the ones who aren’t water babies.

Have fun and be safe this summer!