Summer Safety for Dogs

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As the weather is heating up, how do you make sure your dog has a happy, healthy, and SAFE summer? Here are a few guidelines to get you started:
1. Please never leave your pet in a hot car. You may not think that your car will get that hot, but you would be surprised. On a 78 degree day, a parked car can reach 90 degrees fahrenheit (and that’s in the shade)! It only takes a few minutes for an animal to develop heat stroke. Leave Fido at home on the warmer days if he’s going to have to wait in the car. If he does come along for the ride, bring him some water.
2. Try to keep your dog off of hot asphalt. The pads of their paws will burn, not to mention that standing on hot asphalt can easily cause their entire body to overheat as well.
3. Protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and mosquitos – all of which can cause any number of diseases, in addition to just being uncomfortable.
4. Keep water safety in mind. For example, make sure your dog can get in and out of your pool, preferably on his own.
5. Dogs can get sunburns too! Talk to your vet about sun protection for your dog, and make sure she always has access to shade.
6. Get in shape! The nicer weather is a great opportunity for dogs who have put on a few pounds over the winter months to get fit and healthier. Get outside and exercise with your pet, staying cognizant of his limits and the temperature.
There are lots of tips to keep in mind so that your dog has the safest and healthiest possible summer. Please see the link below for more.