Thunderstorm Phobia


It’s not uncommon for dogs to be afraid of thunderstorms, but this phobia can take a major toll on their psyche (and yours!) and cause them to behave destructively.  Here are a few tips to deal with this issue:
– Catch it early. If you notice a fear of thunderstorms in your puppy or young dog, you might be able to intervene early so that your dog can be calmer in the future. Take note even if your dog just quivers or shakes when there’s a storm.
– Don’t punish your dog or let her wait it out. A phobia is irrational, and punishment or ignoring your dog in their emotional terror will not have any productive results. Rather, engage your dog in distracting activities and rewards. 
– Offer treats and cuddles during storms, creating a positive association (especially if you do this when they are young)!
Isolate from the noise. Pick a room in the center of your house, away from windows, for you and your dog to spend time when the weather outside is frightful. Maybe add in a radio or some white noise.
– If all else fails, consider seeing a veterinarian or even someone with a specialty in this type of animal behavior.