Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

 Is your new best friend having some separation issues? Does he follow you from room to room and always have to have you within his sights? Maybe that’s OK with you. However, do you have the following problems? · Does he display destructive behavior while you’re gone? · Does he bark or howl incessantly once … Read more

Keep the Love Flowing

Valentine’s Day is behind us for another year, but the sentiment behind the holiday is a valuable one and should be kept at heart year-round. Love is the theme, and not just romantic love, but all kinds of love! How much happiness, love, and enjoyment have the people in your life given you freely over … Read more

Volunteer pre-vet and pre-vet tech experience available!

New!  Now accepting applications! Veterinary programs have tough acceptance standards and require that you’ve shown a commitment to your future profession.  Let us help you gain valuable animal care experience at our Sanctuary.  You will have first-hand interaction with special needs and abused dogs, cats, and horses. We require a minimum 4-week full-time commitment, additional … Read more