Keep the Love Flowing

Tessa and Dusty-8435Valentine’s Day is behind us for another year, but the sentiment behind the holiday is a valuable one and should be kept at heart year-round. Love is the theme, and not just romantic love, but all kinds of love!
How much happiness, love, and enjoyment have the people in your life given you freely over the years? It’s a shame to think of them only on one day per year in the month of February, so for their sake and yours, keep your loved ones in mind every day while they’re still with you.
As you might expect, this advice applies equally well to the little friends in your life. They love you unconditionally and are so often not appreciated nearly as much as they deserve. Such is the case with each member of Our Gang at the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary. They’ve each been through hard times in the past, but thanks to your kind donations and help, they can finally see just how much love you all have to spare.

Thank you for your kindness and keep the love flowing!

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