Exercise for the Indoor Cat, Part 2

Keeping our indoor cats fighting fit isn’t an easy proposition. Cats have a tendency to laze about and call their own shots. If you can turn your head right now and see your fat cat rolling around complacently on the top level of his/her carefully selected cat tree, then you know exactly what we mean. … Read more

Exercise for the Indoor Cat

Indoor pets are especially prone to becoming overweight, and among indoor pets, cats are the most likely to balloon up out of all proportion. You might think it’s just in their nature. After all, the image of the lazy cat lounging around the house (and eating lasagna) is a popular one. But it doesn’t need … Read more

How to Help Your Dog or Cat Drop Excessive Weight

So, you left your pets with a friend while you finally lived that dream of travelling the Orient Express and when you came back, they were hardly recognizable. Your dog looks like he’s been working quality assurance at the Scooby Snacks factory and your cat could’ve spent the entire month in an Italian restaurant. What … Read more