Ebony still making music

Ebony has had a rough go the last few weeks. Colic, arthritis. It’s hard being old. She’s about 30 – amazingly old! Thanks to Annie’s dedication, Ebony is holding her own. Annie walked her all night when needed. Helped her get back up when she was down. Moved dirt with a shovel so that the … Read more

Sweet Molly – not much time left

We just found out that Molly is riddled with cancer. She’s hanging on, but it won’t be too many more weeks. Here are some scenes from Molly’s long and happy life at the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Areg79XHL5w[/youtube] If you’d like to help with Molly’s $500 in medical bills, we’d be grateful for each and … Read more

Milo's stampede

Milo had been begging to go outside, so finally I figured, why not? I let him out, and then I hear barking. Guess what??? I go around the back of the house, and there are 25 cows that have started to run!  I call him and he actually did come running up to me, but … Read more

Aggressive dog

IMPORTANT NOTE, PLEASE READ: We are very sorry but we cannot accept aggressive animals here at Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary! Our sanctuary only accepts special needs animals to live out their lives in a cage free environment! These animals come to us with handicaps, illnesses, etc.  and we have no way of handling an aggressive … Read more