Equine Dental Health

Regular oral examinations are just as important for your horse as for the dogs, cats and humans in your life. Equine teeth, unlike carnivorous or omnivorous animals, continuously erupt from the sinus cavities of the skull throughout the life of the horse. Because the upper jaw is wider than the lower jaw, the teeth can … Read more

More Dental Health for Pets…

The two most common reasons that people will use to avoid giving regular dental care to their pets are: The time investment. The cost. It’s a hassle – that’s how most see it. And they don’t want to wrestle with their pet while trying to brush nasty smelling teeth. It will take some determination on … Read more

Dental Health Is Important for Pets, Too

With so many problems in our modern lives waiting for attention, it’s sometimes tempting to skip dealing with the little ones like maintaining good dental hygiene. Trips to the dentist and regular, conscientious tooth care are important factors in keeping our health in balance, but how often do we put them off or elect for … Read more