Adopting a Special Needs Pet

We here at Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary are obviously big supporters of all animals, but we especially have a soft spot for our special needs friends. There was a conversation I overheard the other day at a shelter between a parent and her child regarding why they didn’t need to adopt a, “broken,” pet. I … Read more

Who's that lady?

Here’s Ivory just sayin’ hello! Ebony got some press a few posts ago, and Ivory didn’t want to be left out. She’s as old as Ebony, and is doing pretty well for a really old lady! She loves sharing her shelter and yard with Ebony, and is happy to have a home and a good … Read more


What a face! Milo loves to wait by the front door. Missing a leg doesn’t slow him down that much, and suddenly he pops up to see what’s happening outside! Maybe there’s something exciting going on just right there! Probably not, but he has to be sure. The best part? That he’s no longer so … Read more