The Designer Dog Myth

Designer Dog
Have you heard of the Havachon, the Maltipoo, the Pomsky or the Bugg? Those are all “designer” dogs that have been bred in an attempt to achieve a specific set of characteristics (either physically or internally). You may have heard of the “hypoallergenic” dog – the Maltipoo being an example.
However, just because you mix a Pug with a Boston Terrier (a “Bugg”) doesn’t mean that he won’t end up with a Pug’s breathing problems and the Boston Terrier’s tendency to dig. Unfortunately, the more popular these designer breeds, the more likely that “puppy mills” will start to breed them – some eliminating entire litters simply because their coats were an undesirable color.
It isn’t to say that these breeds aren’t adorable, but if you end up with your heart set on a Havachon (a Bichon Frise and Havanese mix typically known for its intelligence and non-shedding coats), visit your local shelter, rescue group or check out We are big supporters of the, “Adopt, don’t shop,” mantra, and we want all breeds (designer or not) to find a loving home. Good luck finding your future best friend!