Happy Pets on Halloween

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Happy Halloween! While you’re preparing for your holiday party, don’t forget about your pets and their needs and safety tonight. Here are some tips to keep them happy on this holiday:
1) Chocolate and candy are not for your dog. Not tonight, not ever.
2) Keep your pets away from the door. This can be a stressful holiday for them with mommy and daddy dressed up as fairy tale characters or ghouls and this can be made even worse with strangers constantly appearing in front of them. Give them a nice corner of the house or a crate to play in tonight.
3) The costumes are cute, but if they truly hate it, don’t make them wear it. It can cause them stress. If it’s ill-fitting or uncomfortable, it’s unnecessary. Give him a chance to get used to it before Halloween comes along, too. Your pup is fine au natural. That said, if he loves to ham it up in his comfy costume, by all means go for it!
4) As you always should, keep your pet’s ID on. It can save him if he gets in trouble or lost.
5) Leave him home when you go trick-or-treating. He might be adorable, but he will be stressed and he could get lost, bite or be bitten. Let him enjoy his time in your house. He’ll be there to greet you when you get back.
and finally,
6) Please don’t leave your pet outside. This is unfortunately a holiday that some use to play pranks on undeserving pets. Some shelters, according to PetMD.com, don’t even adopt out black cats during October for this reason. Keep your pets safe and happy and out of danger this holiday season.