Types of Dog Beds

Dog beds
When you first adopt your dog, things seem easy enough. It sounds simple enough to get food, get a leash, some toys, some flea medication and a bed. Once you get to that canine bedding section, however, you might be in for a little surprise. There are big ones, small ones, padded ones, cooling ones, orthopedic ones… the list goes on and on. What is it that your dog really needs? And how will her needs change as she gets older?
Most people want a dog bed with a washable cover that will be comfortable. However, how does your dog like to sleep? If your dog has a little bit of that cave-dweller mindset, round nesting beds with high sides work really well. If she likes to stretch out, get a larger size round one. If she is more of a burrowing dog, you might want to get a large rectangular bed to meet her needs. A donut bed is extremely plush but not work for your older dog that might have trouble getting in and out of it. An orthopedic bed can work wonders for your arthritic and/or senior friend by providing more support and less stress on her joints. Your older dog also might appreciate a memory foam bed or a heated one.
Do you live in a colder climate? Heated beds are available, but make sure to follow all safety instructions included with it. Are your summers really warm? You have likely noticed your pet lying flat on your tile at some point. They do this to cool off, and you can help them by providing a cooling bed for them during the summer.
Beds are typically not a lifetime purchase, and when it gets to the point where there are holes or it has become threadbare, don’t forget to do your dog a favor and pick her up a new one.