Winter Exercise

Chilly weather or no, your pet should be gettinWP 2012-12-26 14.30.17g regular exercise. Here are some tips for keeping your pet active if they (or you!) dislike the cold:
1. The more aerobic the activity, the warmer your dog will get. So, try to entice him with off-leash romps, chasing after a frisbee or playing with other dogs.
2. Try an indoor agility class.
3. Walk your pet in wooded areas during colder months, as the trees provide a shield from harsher wind. Also, woods provide more interesting smells and sounds for your dogs to investigate.
4. If your dog is bothered by snow, ice, and salt in their paws, consider canine booties. Disposable latex booties are available for dogs who don’t like the feel of thicker booties.
5. If all else fails, try to provide extra indoor physical and mental exertion to burn your dog’s pent-up energy!