Your Cat and Milk

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Do you remember those cartoons as a kid in which there is always a cat lapping up a bowl of milk? Unfortunately, in real life, this is really bad advertising for future cat owners for several reasons.
Cats can be lactose intolerant, just like their human owners. This can easily result in upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea. However, also like their human counterparts, some cats have no problems drinking milk whatsoever. It just depends.
Regardless of their tolerance level, however, most vets don’t recommend it as it is considered a, “treat,” which should only consist of 5-10% of their daily intake and milk provides no nutritional benefit to the cats whatsoever. It can actually contribute to feline obesity.
Kittens do need their mother’s milk to survive, but this is cat milk – not cow milk – and it is recommended their dairy intake stop once they have been weaned. Water is a much better option for your feline friend.
However, if your cat loves the taste of milk, there are always milk-flavored, lactose-free options available at your local pet store.