Too Many Treats

In the same way that a parent can be tempted to let her child eat all the ice cream he wants, it can be difficult to ignore a treat-focused four-legged friend with puppy dog eyes. Just as too much sugar in a human can cause mental and physical problems, they can do the same for […] Read more »

Dog Approved People Food

As responsible dog owners, we know that a balanced diet is essential to their good health. That said, if your dog is not one with allergies or chronic problems, there are a few people foods that you can occasionally share without harm: • Peanut butter – the raw and unsalted varieties actually contain lots of […] Read more »

Dog Eye Mucus

Have you ever wondered about the buildup that happens in the corner of your dog’s eyes? More often than not, many owners will use their fingers to gently dig in the corners of Fido’s eyes to clear up that area, but the problem is that your hands can have even more bacteria than you’re trying […] Read more »

The Importance of Spay and Neuter

After you bring home the fluffy little kitten, or playful puppy, you may wonder what is needed to keep your new family addition healthy. Vaccines, of course, are essential to prevent many common infectious diseases, and a nutritious, balanced diet is imperative, however, many pet owners do not realize the many positive health implications of […] Read more »

National Walk Your Pet Month

January is National Walk Your Pet Month! Did you know that walking your pet can greatly extend the length of his life? It’s some of the best preventative medicine there is. Here are some of the other benefits associated with walking your dog daily: • An outlet for his energy. A tired dog is a […] Read more »