Equine Internal Parasites

Historically, it was too arid and too hot for internal parasites to survive and multiply to numbers that would be of concern for horses living in Arizona and other desert climates. Microclimates including lawns, increased irrigation, crowded housing/pens and an increase in the number of “backyard horses” has, in recent years, exponentially increased the parasite […] Read more »

Careers in Animal Care

  Do you have a desire to work with animals in your career?  Would you like to go the whole way to become a veterinarian?  Did you know that you have a lot more options?  Here are a few.   Veterinarian:  We’ve already written an article about this particular profession.  You can see it here:  […] Read more »

Fun Facts about Cats

Fun Cat Facts

Since we shared some interesting facts about horses our cats here at the ranch want equal time, so here is some fun facts about cats for you. Read more »

Why Spay/Neuter?

  Initially, spaying or neutering your pet may seem like a cruel thing to do, but there are actually large benefits to your community, your home and your beloved companion as well. Of course, there may be exceptions in which spaying or neutering is not recommended such as advanced age or illness – your veterinarian will advise you. Spaying: […] Read more »

Wordless Wednesday #1 – Happy Hendrix

Happy Hendrix

 Since this is the first edition of our Wordless Wednesdays I am adding this little description here for people that are wondering what Wordless Wednesday’s are. On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the […] Read more »

Interesting Horse Facts

Here is a visualization of interesting horse facts. Did you know that some people have a fear of horses? It’s called Equinophobia. Read more »

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

 Is your new best friend having some separation issues? Does he follow you from room to room and always have to have you within his sights? Maybe that’s OK with you. However, do you have the following problems? · Does he display destructive behavior while you’re gone? · Does he bark or howl incessantly once […] Read more »

Seniors for Seniors

Do you have an elderly relative that you think might benefit from the unconditional love that a pet can provide? Do you have a parent that has lost their partner in life and doesn’t have a meaningful outlet for his/her time anymore? Perhaps considering a senior pet for your loved one is the solution. Why […] Read more »

Tips for keeping your pets cool on hot days

Even though Fall is just around the corner the weather has heated up again in some parts of the country. Please remember your pets need to stay cool just like yourself. Here are some tips to keep your pet cool during the hot weather. Read more »