Be Kind To Animals Week

This next Monday starts be Be Kind to Animals Week. This blog post is going to discuss the many, many ways you can help your local animal shelter without having to adopt. Here are some of the ways you can help: Volunteer Your Time Many animal shelters are in need of extra hands to help […] Read more »

Dog Leashes

Choosing the right dog leash will depend on the size and type of you dog, as well as your needs. When you’re choosing a leash, consider the following factors: 1) Size? Is your dog a large breed, a small breed, or somewhere in between? Obviously, a larger dog will require a stronger leash. 2) What […] Read more »

Before You Adopt Fido

Because adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment it is extremely important to take many things into consideration. Here are some things to think about before you welcome a new family member: Children in the Household According to an article entitled New Additions found in Rescue Me magazine children should not view the new dog […] Read more »

2nd Annual National Help a Horse Day

Saturday marks the 2nd annual National Help a Horse Day. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals assigned April 26 to this national day in 2013, because according to Rescue Me magazine on April 26, 1866   ASPCA founder, Henry Bergh, prohibited a cart driver from beating his horse. This was the first […] Read more »

National Kids and Pets Day

If you have never observed the bond between a pet and his child companion, it can truly be something to behold. Look no further than Jessica Shyba’s instagram featuring Theo and Beau here: Founded in 2005, National Kids and Pets Day was created to encourage adoption from animal shelters instead of other sources and […] Read more »

Dog Collars

There are many types of dog collars out there, and the best type for your dog depends on the size, breed, and training requirements. For many dogs, a traditional nylon or leather collar is perfectly fine.  Such traditional collars come in many colors and sizes, and should ride high on your dog’s neck. A traditional […] Read more »

Dog Eating Habits

Have you ever watched your dog eating and wondered why he does what he does? Does he paw at his bowls and look at you expectantly? Does he take his bowl and drag it somewhere else? Does he take mouthfuls of food and eat it elsewhere? Does he snack all day? Has he stopped eating […] Read more »

Canine Hip Dysplasia

One of the most common skeletal diseases in dogs, hip dysplasia is rooted in a mix of environmental and genetic causes. Large dog breeds, such as Saint Bernards and Labrador Retrievers, are most commonly affected. Though smaller breeds can also be affected, they are less likely to show symptoms. Besides genetics, factors that can influence […] Read more »

Litter Box Placement

House training your new kitten can be a daunting and frustrating task, but knowing a few things about litter box placement could be a saving grace. Here are some helpful tips: Make the litter box easily accessible for your cat so they will not go on a mad goose hunt when it’s time to tinkle. […] Read more »

Cats and Water

It is commonly thought that cats hate water, but in reality cats can react to water in many different ways. One domestic breed, the Turkish Van cat,  actually enjoys getting wet. Many larger wild cats regularly swim and bathe to hunt or to cool down. One reason domestic cats may not enjoy water is because their experiences […] Read more »