Rabies Prevention

Rabies is a serious infection affecting the central nervous system, or the brain and spinal cord. It is crucial to understand the symptoms, transmission, and prevention of rabies to protect yourself and your pets. Rabies is caused by a virus that is spread usually through bite wounds, scratches, or tissue from an infected animal, and […] Read more »

Fruits, Veggies and Fido

Some of us are really good about not feeding Fido from the table, but those soul searching eyes get the best of us sometimes. The good news is that there are quite a few items that you can share with your dog that may actually be good for them (in moderation, of course): 1. Cantaloupe […] Read more »

Spay and Neuter Awareness Month

February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month. Though February 2015 is quickly coming to an end, spay and neuter awareness is crucial any time of the year. Spaying a female animal, removing the ovaries and uterus, and neutering a male, removing the testicles, are veterinary procedures done under general anesthesia  According to the ASPCA, the […] Read more »

Quelling Vet Visit Anxiety

Does your dog get incredibly anxious when (s)he has to go to the vet? Like some people, many pets get a certain “white coat” anxiety, even for routine exams. Some pet owners turn to prescriptive sedatives for this situation. However, sedatives can sometimes cause side effects such as vomiting or an animal too sleepy to […] Read more »

Anesthesia and Your Dog

There are several situations that could happen in your dog’s life that may involve him needing to be put under using anesthesia. The fear that pet owners have associated with this is very understandable as anesthesia can potentially be more dangerous than the surgery itself. That said, this post is not meant to detract from […] Read more »

White Horse: Horses in Mythology

Horses, white horses in particular, have had a special role in mythologies across cultures.  White horses have long been mythologized as having exceptional properties, such as wings (Pegasus in Greek mythology) and horns (a unicorn), allowing them to transcend the normal. A white horse generally carries the god or hero figure and triumphs over the […] Read more »