Air Travel With Your Dog

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We do not recommend traveling with your dogs on an airplane unless you have him as part of your carry-on luggage which isn’t possible with bigger breeds. Even then, the Humane Society recommends not traveling with your pets on planes at all. Having them travel as cargo is never recommended.
If traveling with your pet as your carry-on on a plane, we suggest the following things to keep him safe:
• Although it may be tempting, do not sedate your pet. The altitude with the drugs can cause a dangerous reaction.
• Make sure you book well in advance to avoid travel problems and ensure he meets the size requirements to travel in the cabin.
• ID tags are necessary for safety.
• Have their leash and collar handy but leave them in their carrier while in the airport itself.
• Keep calm. Just like in the rest of your life, your dog reacts to you and your behavior. If you stay calm and assertive, it will be a much easier flight for him to get through.
If you see something unsafe for your pet or others always make sure to speak up and avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Happy travels!