Dog Agility Courses: Getting Fit Part 4

If you are looking for a great activity to do with your energetic dog, consider agility training. Agility involves the handler directing the dog through a series of obstacles. There are a number of benefits to agility training, including:

  • Great exercise for dog and owner. Running through a course, going over and under obstacles, will get rid of your dog’s excess energy as well as increase coordination, and endurance. And as the owner, you have to keep up to keep your dog on track!
  • Most dogs have natural hunting instincts. Navigating through a variety of barriers mimics the natural obstacles a dog would encounter in pursuit of prey.
  • Agility helps strengthen communication skills and the bond between dog and owner.

Before jumping into agility training, make sure the sport is adjusted to your dog’s breed and fitness level (smaller dogs need lower jumps, etc.). Also, it may be worthwhile to take a basic obedience class as a place to start, so that in an agility session your dog will know how to be focused and not distracted by other dogs and people.