Alternate Treats for Our Pets

Healthy and happy
Whether you want your pet to live an all-around healthier lifestyle or if you think your buddy needs to drop a few pounds, finding an alternate way of treating your pet is a worthy goal. There’s nothing wrong with the pet treats you find on the shelves of your local pet store or supermarket, but they’re not the only choices either – and certainly not the healthiest choices.
Most pets, just like people, are fond of certain kinds of fruits and vegetables. Once you find out what your pet’s favorite is, you can use it as a substitute for canned treats. Experiment with different varieties until you find one that satisfies, but be sure to avoid foods with pits (choking hazard) and remember that there are certain foods that are safe for us humans that are toxic to pets. For example, raisins and grapes have been reported to cause renal failure in dogs. Onions, garlic, and rhubarb are also foods to avoid when treating your pet. Most fruits and veggies are safe, but definitely do your research before deciding on a suitable replacement treat.
Good starting places are strawberries, apples, and pears. Cut them up into bit-sized chunks to make chewing and swallowing easier. Broccoli and cucumber are also great, healthy choices.
Next time your pet expects a treat, try one of the above choices instead of the traditional canned treats. Your pet may thank you.

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