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Eye to eye
Our pets are more like us than we sometimes realize. They depend on their sense of sight almost as much as we do, and that’s why a regular eye health regimen can benefit them just as much as it can us.
Since our pets have such shortened lifespans compared to us, they can develop health problems at what can seem to be an accelerated rate. They eyes are probably the most sensitive organs in any animal’s body, and so they deserve special attention. At least once a year, you should have your vet perform a thorough eye examination on your pet to check for some of the most common eye diseases.
Dogs are more susceptible to eye disease than are cats. Here are a few of the common eye ailments that can affect your pet:

  • Conjuctivitis – a swelling and redness around the pet’s eyes, sometimes combined with mucus discharge
  • Glaucoma – the pet’s eyes  become enlarged and cloudy. Discomfort results due to increased pressure from an overproduction of fluid within the eyes.
  • Cataracts – the lens of your pet’s eyes become more opaque, affecting their vision. Surgery may help improve their quality of vision.

These are just a few of the more common eye ailments in pets. If you think that your pet may be developing an eye-related ailment, please don’t delay – see your vet immediately. They eyes, in us and in our pets, are extremely sensitive organs, so don’t take any chances when your pet’s vision is concerned.

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