Cloe and Radar


Today, we’d like to turn the spotlight onto Cloe and Radar, two of our most noteworthy (at least in their own minds) guests. You’ve heard of the nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice?” Well Cloe and Radar are two blind cats. They’re working on a theme song of their own, but they’re thinking they need one more member to compete with the mice.
They certainly don’t let their handicap slow them down. They are still cats, after all, even if they can’t see. Check out the videos and you’ll see just how active and playful these two still are. It’s amazing that even after all these two have been through, ending in a loss of their eyes, they still demonstrate that the greatest gift you can give a cat is an empty cardboard box! We love it!
Notice, too, how alert and aware they still are, capable of sparring with each other and avoiding the obstacles in their way. These cats evidently don’t have the time or inclination to feel sorry about their drawbacks, they just want to have fun! In that respect, perhaps we could all learn something from these two feisty survivors.

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