Careful with the Chemicals

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You know how the directions on lawn fertilizers will usually tell you not to walk on your lawn for a while after an application? Among other reasons, this recommendation is there to minimize the chances of you tracking chemicals into your house where other people live, breathe, and eat. Following the precautions on the back of a bag of lawn fertilizer isn’t very tricky for most humans, but it’s gonna be a pretty smart dog or cat who knows better than to play in the yard after a spring or fall application. After the chemicals have been watered into the soil, there’s nothing to worry about, but until then some of your pets may be at risk of getting sick.
While we’ve never heard of an animal actually dying due to ingesting your common variety lawn fertilizer, they can definitely make themselves sick on it. Until it’s been given a good watering, it may be a good idea to keep the pets inside or leashed up away from the affected areas.
This goes for other chemicals that commonly make their appearances around spring time. Insecticides and such can lay even the hardiest animals low, so watch where you let them roam.

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