Dogs Along for the Ride?

Tessa and Dusty
With the warmer camping and hiking weather coming up, we’re seeing a lot of dogs riding around with their masters in the beds of pickup trucks. Depending on where you live, this may also be a common sight or practice for you. We should always be aware, however, that even if you have a trained dog, they are still animals who are going to act on instinct when a mood takes them. This may mean jumping out of the bed of a pickup truck travelling at 50 mph when they see a rabbit. That’s not only a danger for the poor dog, but also for other drivers around you.
For your dog’s sake and the sake of others on the road with you, please consider taking some precautions when you take your dog out with you in the bed of your truck. If you’ve got a carrying crate, then with a little effort, you can strap it down securely in the bed, making a nice, stable riding place for your dog.
If nothing else, put your dog on a short leash attached to the bed. It needs to be short enough that the dog knows it can’t get far by jumping out of the bed. But even this approach comes with risks. If the dog does decide to jump for whatever reason, then the leash essentially becomes a noose.
Several companies make a special “truck leash” that keeps your dog tethered to a ring in the center of the bed, thus limiting how far he/she can get to the edge. Investing in one of these could be just what you need to keep your dog safe on the trips you’re taking together.

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