Fear of Thunder

“Dogs can often sense thunderstorms before we hear the first strike. Thunderstorms can be a jolting experience for dogs that may cause them to hide or act erratic.” That’s from last week’s post about common canine phobias.
Dogs that fear thunder may act in a panicked manner, here are some tips to help your dog stay calm during the storm:

  1. Make sure your pet has a safe place to hide. This may an include an open crate or a room where the thunder storm won’t be as audible.
  2. Snug wear may help your pet, as it has almost the same effect as a swaddled baby.
  3. Offer your pet a distraction, such as playing ball or offering him a treat.
  4. Ask your vet if your pet would benefit from an anti-anxiety medication (only if necessary.)

Thunder may now be few and far between now that we are in Spring, but I hope these tips help any in need.