Getting Fit with your Pet: Part 1

If you’re looking for ways to improve your own fitness, involving your pet could be a great place to start, not to mention that pets have their own physical fitness needs as well. Like humans, pets can suffer the health problems that come from obesity, poor nutrition, and lack of activity. From diabetes to cancer, health conditions relating back to weight and activity level can and will affect your pet.
Having fun is a crucial component to any fitness routine, and chances are if your favorite furry friend is involved you’re guaranteed to have a better time. Especially if you have a dog, it shouldn’t be hard to integrate your pet into your effort to get moving. Start with small walks, or playing ball in the yard, and go from there. Cats also like to play with their owners, so get them involved too. Or, try indoor hide-and-seek or an indoor obstacle course. Once you find an activity that you and your pet enjoy, do it consistently, just make sure to mix it up now and then with a new toy or something to keep it exciting.
Your pet will thank you! Come back in the next couple weeks for a more in-depth look at activities to get fit with your dog or cat!