Hiking with your Dog: Getting Fit Part 2

8_17_WPHiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Taking your dog along is not only a wonderful bonding experience, but also keeps you both happy and healthy. However, taking your dog for a hike is more than just packing him into a car and heading off to the trail. If you’d like to go for a hike with your favorite canine, consider the following preparation tips:
Consider what type of hike works best for your dog’s breed, age, and physical fitness. Some dogs are more athletic than others and can handle different types of terrain. Larger dogs, such as German shephards, are prone to joint problems which can make steep terrain tricky.  If your pet is out of shape, consider doing some conditioning in the weeks leading up to a hike, starting with short walks.
For safety, your dog should respond to basic commands and have a collar with an ID. Additionally, make sure he is up to date on flea, tick, and heartworm preventative medications. Don’t forget to also pack a leash, your vet’s phone number, basic first aid supplies, water, and information for the closest vet clinic. You may also which to pack booties, depending on the weather and the type of terrain, and snacks, depending on how long you’ll be out.
To learn more about hiking with a dog, check out the link below.