Homemade Weed Killer

No chemicals
In keeping with the time of year, and the earlier discussion of pesky weeds, we’d like to mention a few options for making your own weed killer. Not only do you get a simple solution for getting rid of those weeds that is pet safe and better for the environment than a lot of chemical sprays, but you’ll probably save a few bucks in the process. Any of these methods will require a few days of rain-free weather, preferably two or three, so keep this in mind before applying.
Try one of these for tried and true weed killing power, or better yet, combine methods for an even more effective solution:

  • Vinegar – What you’re looking for here is the acetic acid contained in the vinegar (usually either white or cider vinegar). Regular levels will be around 4-5% (check the label), but the higher the better. Pickling vinegar is up near 10%, a good choice. Get your spray bottle and go to work – no need to dilute with water, either.
  • Salt – It worked for the Roman general Scipio in Carthage and it can work for you, too. You can either sprinkle the salt right on top of the area you want barren or you can make a 1:2 mixture of salt and water to spray on. Be careful with this method as salt in the soil will prevent anything from growing for months or even years to come.
  • Dish detergent – Put a couple of squirts of your favorite liquid dish soap into a spray bottle full of water and go to work. This effectively smothers weeds.
  • Boiling water – Cook them while they’re still in the ground. This is probably more effective for spot applications unless you have a spare witch’s cauldron stashed out in the shed for all the boiling you’ll be doing.

Want to take no chances? Then throw everything you have at them and try combining methods. A boiling hot mixture of vinegar, salt, and dish detergent will be like declaring open war on weeds. Let ‘em have it!

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