Space Cats!

Cats in Space!
Happy April Fools’ Day! We considered staging an elaborate hoax today that would’ve had our gang of wonderful dogs, cats, and horses here at LCRS conducting a sit-in hunger strike for the right to vote in the 2016 presidential election. But we couldn’t get them all to sit still long enough to take the group photo! Oh well, guess you’ll have to make do with space cats.
Yes, space cats. That was the subject of an April Fools joke posted at in 2012. It was a popular video for the time, but it certainly hasn’t been the only April Fool’s Day joke done with pets in mind. Here are a couple more.
IKEA also got in on the fun back in 2011 with a video proclaiming the newest innovation in pet furniture: the dog high chair. They weren’t just for kids anymore. Complete with food and water bowls built right into the design, the new dog high chair would have revolutionized how we think of our pets at feeding time… if it had been real, that is.
This next one is a favorite around the Internet. Also done for April, 2011, doggie dentures were set to become the most popular thing in pet care since chew toys. Until people figured out that it was just a ploy to sell Dentastix, an oral care snack food for dogs. The video is really very well done, though. Check it out.

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