Keeping the Fur from Flying

No, we’re not talking about fighting this time, but rather shedding. It happens to all healthy dogs and cats to varying degrees. Some pet owners can get away with letting nature deal with all the discarded fur, but most will have to take steps to insure that their pets maintain clean, healthy coats. Keeping the house free from floating hairballs is a plus, too!
If you’re noticing a more-than-tolerable buildup of fur on your carpet and furniture, then here are some pointers (other than investing in a good vacuum cleaner) to help keeping the shedding in check:

  • Regular brushings will probably help more than anything else. Some will advise daily brushings, but it really depends on the breed of your pet and if they’re indoor or outdoor. Two to three times weekly should be enough to keep most pets’ shedding under control.
  • Feed your pet a healthy diet. A good quality coat is dependent on a good quality food, so don’t skimp here. Maybe consult with your vet about a brand of food that can help reduce shedding while promoting good health.
  • Bathe your pet occasionally during heavy shedding. Nobody particularly likes pet baths – owners get frustrated and pets get wet. But a good bath can do wonders for removing all that dead fur. Only really necessary when shedding is at its worst. And remember to use only a pet-formulated shampoo – human shampoos can be unduly harsh.

Everybody sheds (even people!), but we humans don’t usually have such nice, furry coats to deal with. So be understanding to your pets and help them get through those heavy shedding periods. You’ll both benefit from the effort!

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Fur from Flying”

  1. How true! I have a long-hair kitten and a Pomeranian. Fluffs of fur appear out of nowhere. Well, I do know where they come from. Brushing as often as possible is the only way to keep on top of it.

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